Words And Your Heart By Kate Jane Neal

Words And Your HeartAt first glance this book looks like it’s going to be soppy and ‘girly’ but do not be fooled. It teaches a really important lesson and should not be overlooked because of the abundance of hearts on the cover!

The beautifully illustrated text talks about our words and the impact they have. Words are great for chatting with your friends and describing things you’ve seen and explaining how you feel but sometimes words can hurt. They can make you cry and affect how people feel in their hearts.

Because of this we need to understand that our words have power and we should use that power for good. Your words can cheer someone up if they are feeling sad, lift someone up when they don’t feel strong or help someone keep going when they are ready to give up.

If you use your words to help other people then you can help make the world a better place.

I love the message in this one and I feel like it speaks to both adults and children. We could all choose our words more carefully and think about how they might make others feel.

Ivy is a also a big fan of this book, saying ‘Hearts Please’ when this is what she wants us to read at bedtime <3

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2GZXEvg

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