Prince & Knight By Daniel Haack & Stevie Lewis

Prince & KnightI think representation is SO important in children’s books so when I spotted this LGBT-friendly book I knew we had to add it to our library.

Prince & Knight is a beautiful fairy tale set in a magical world of castles and dragons which has a wonderfully diverse twist. The prince of the realm has come of age so his parents set about trying to help him find a bride. He meets many, many ladies but none of them catch his eye. He’s looking for something different but he just doesn’t know what that is.

Whilst they are on their travels, the kingdom is attacked by a mighty dragon and it seems like all may be lost. The brave Prince rides off on his horse and soon come face to face with the fire-breathing monster – but it seems that he will not have to fight this battle alone. A magnificent Knight appears and they work together to bring the evil dragon down.

At the very last minute the Prince is thrown up in to the air and the Knight races to his side. Is it possible that this young man is the person the Prince has been seeking all this time?

Ivy loves this book and it makes me really happy that she doesn’t bat an eyelid that (spoiler alert!) two men get married at the end. We live in an amazingly diverse world so we need to see more books like this, where love wins and everyone gets to have their happy ever after.

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