1 to 20 Animals a Plenty By Katie Viggers

1 to 20 Animals a Plenty1 to 20 Animals a Plenty is officially our favourite counting book. It’s quirky, cool and makes Ivy laugh out loud!

As it moves through the numbers it introduces you to a host of animals doing ridiculous things, making it really memorable for toddlers. You won’t find five little ducks here. Instead we see llamas in pyjamas, gorillas gazing in mirrors and naughty raccoons who have stolen balloons from baboons.

The illustrations are both elegant and amusing and there are lots of different animals to explore. I love that it stays away from the traditional farmyard animals (although there are a few mixed in) and gives your child the opportunity to learn about some more exotic creatures. Ivy definitely didn’t know what a capybara was before we read this but she now recognises them and can (just about) pronounce it!

The book managed to teach me a few things too which isn’t what you expect from a child’s number book! As well as naming the numbers and the animals it also highlights the different species. I couldn’t have named you 6 different types of pig before but I can now!

But it now: https://amzn.to/2u64udn




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