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Maisy Goes To London By Lucy Cousins

Maisy Goes To LondonIvy has lived in London her whole life (and I have been here for almost 18 years) but we still love to take a tourist day and explore the city as if it’s all brand new. This Maisy book from Lucy Cousins is perfect for tiny tourists who are planning a trip to the city and it’s guaranteed to get them excited about all the sights they will see.

Maisy and her friends visit London for the day and they tour all of the major attractions including Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Nelson’s Column and Big Ben. The book provides small facts about each so that little ones know what to expect and it also addresses things which they may find difficult about the city at first – including the noise, the bright  lights and the fact the underground can get pretty crowded.

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Hooray For Fish! By Lucy Cousins

Hooray for Fish!Ivy loves the illustrations in this book by Lucy Cousins.

Join Little Fish as he introduces us to all his fishy friends. There’s Curly Whirly Fish, Twisty Twirly Fish, Upside Down Fish, Hairy Fish, Scary Fish and many many more.

It’s really colourful and is the perfect length (and rhythm) for a bouncy toddler!

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Michelle Wiseman,
Founder, Little Wise Toys

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family

My name is Michelle.  I am based in South East London and live with my nine year old daughter who goes by her very own business name of Little Wise Junior (she is my Artistic Director too!).  I am also the creator and owner of Little Wise Toys where I have designed and developed a range of screen-free educational and home learning toys for young children aged 3-6 (with a new product for 6-12 year olds focused on emotional development in the pipeline).

As Michelle’s daughter is in a slightly older age bracket than the usual focus of this blog series, they’re both going to cast their minds back to some of the early books they used to enjoy together in the pre-school years.  Little Wise Junior is going to kick things off…

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Laura Wheeler, Owner, The Whistlebrook Clothing Company

The Whistlebrook Clothing CompanyHi Laura! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family

I’m Laura, I live in Buckinghamshire with my husband Simon and two children. Posey (nearly 5) and Gilbert (just 3) and two rather grumpy old cats Burliose and Toulose.  I own a small business making children’s clothing – The Whistlebrook Clothing Company

What are your children’s favourite books?

Posey is reading the ‘You Choose’ books a lot at the moment, especially at bedtime. She loves picking out characters and using her imagination. We just got the ‘You Choose in Space’ book and we love it, the illustrations are so detailed.

Bertie is little and is a bit late to the party with his speech, so we are still working through the ‘That’s not my’ books. He is also obsessed with a Thomas the Tank Engine counting book which is always the last one before the lights go out!

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