Jo Witek

In My Heart By Jo Witek & Christine Roussey

In My HeartA few weeks ago we interviewed the lovely Rachel Bridge (who is a a child psychologist), and she mentioned that she has used this book as part of her therapy sessions. Intrigued, we ordered ourselves a copy and we’re very glad we did!

‘In Your Heart’ is an in-depth but age-appropriate look at the wide array of emotions which we experience as humans. Each page takes a specific feeling, spells out what it might feel like in your heart and then names it. This not only helps your child understand what they may be going through but also gives them the language they need to articulate that feeling back to a grown-up.

The book covers happiness, courage, anger, calm, heartbreak, sadness, hope, fear, silliness and shyness and it explains really nicely that all of these feelings live in our heart and we all have experience them in different ways at different times. The underlying message is that it’s good to talk about your feelings and to ask others how they are feeling too.

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Ivy’s Guest Book: Rachel Bridge, Child Psychologist & Writer

Rachel BridgeTell us a bit about yourself and your family…

My name is Rachel.  I am a mama from down under, living on the south coast of Australia.  I have three delightful children.  Corey, our 12 year old son who doesn’t share my DNA but quickly won my heart, Addison, our three year old daughter who oozes adventure, warmth and intrigue and Kaylee, our two year old daughter whose spirit is affectionately adorable and who shows those she trusts a mischievous sense of humour.

I am also a Psychologist who is passionately working with children and their families. I am on a journey to empower children and parents on building and strengthening connections through intentional parenting.   I am a wellbeing writer who has a blog and shares fused snippets of my personal and professional journey in the hope that I may offer a sense of reassurance or support to others.  And I am also an aspiring children’s author who is currently working on placing a piece of my heart into a carefully illustrated therapeutic children’s book.

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