Violet’s Tempest
by Ian Eagleton & Clara Anganuzzi

Violet is usually a cheerful, bubbly little girl but right now she feels a little lost. She’s recently discovered that she will be playing one of the lead roles in her school play and she’s plagued with worry. Learning the lines isn’t a problem for her but she’s really nervous about public speaking. What if she messes up? What if she freezes? What if everyone laughs at her?

As Violet’s emotions swirl, her family and friends surround her with love and support. Her grandmother provides cuddles and patiently sews her a costume, her uncles suggest ways she could feel more confident on stage, and her teacher calmly and quietly reassures her at every rehearsal. Everyone knows she is capable of doing a fantastic job but all Violet feels is doubt. Why did they choose her? Why didn’t they select someone ‘better’?

When the night of the performance arrives Violet feels sick with worry, but when she steps out on to the stage and sees her family in the front row she feels a sense of peace wash over her. It’s her time to shine – but can she overcome her nerves and give the performance of a lifetime?

Every now and then a book comes along which makes me want to scream ‘why didn’t this exist when I was a kid?‘. It gave me flashbacks to a school concert circa 1987 when I was so terrified of saying my one line that I feigned illness and my parents let me stay home instead. I wish that I’d had a book like this to help build my confidence and show me that I really was capable of saying “Oh I do hope the Prince asks me to dance” without everyone laughing at me. Yup – it traumatised me so much that I can still remember the exact line!

Ivy battles with confidence issues too so she’s found this story very reassuring. It’s definitely one that i’ll be picking off the shelf each time she needs a little boost.

I also need to give a special mention to the stunning illustrations. The moody colour palette and well-observed facial expressions really elevate the story and will help children understand and empathise with all of the emotions Violet is experiencing.

VIOLET’S TEMPEST is now available in all good bookshops! OR, buy your copy from Lantana’s online shop and donate a book to children who need books the most with your purchase:

Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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