The Magic Paintbrush By Julia Donaldson & Joel Stewart

The Magic PaintbrushThis is the Julia Donaldson version of a classic story I remember from my own childhood – The Magic Paintbrush.

Shen lives in a poor community and every day she is sent out to catch fish for her family.

Whilst waiting for a bite she traces pictures in the sand with a stick, which draws the attention of an old man. The curious stranger gives her a magic paintbrush and tells her to use it to help the poor but never the rich.

Shen goes home and realises that anything she draws comes to life. She paints fish, oysters, baskets, shoes, coats and hats for the folk in her village and soon the community thrives.

But what will Shen do when the evil emperor summons her to his palace and threatens to keep her prisoner unless she draws him a tree of golden coins?

Beautifully illustrated by Joel Stewart, and Julia Donaldson’s magic touch really brings this folk tale to life.

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