The Little Book of Duggee Hugs

The Little Book Of Duggee HugsAs it’s National Hugging Day we have been reading The Little Book Of Duggee Hugs.

I’m not usually a fan of tv/movie tie-ins as I find they’re often sloppily written but this is a really cute little book that feels like a natural extension of the Hey Duggee brand.

If you’ve been living under a rock (or you’re not from the UK) then it’s possible that you won’t have heard of Duggee. He’s essentially a scout master with a small band of animal charges (The Squirrels) and in every episode he teaches them a valuable life lesson so that they can earn a badge. Each episode ends with the Squirrels giving him a hug before their parents come to take them home.

It’s Ivy’s favourite show and I’m also a big fan as it’s educational, teaches some great lessons on friendship and it’s both funny and smart.

The book is about the Duggee Hug and outlines all the scenarios when a hug might make you feel better. It’s like a tiny self help book for toddlers!

Buy it now:

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