Please And Thank You By Amanda Li

Please And Thank YouI’ve recently bought a number of Pirate Pete and Princess Polly books as I find them really effective. Each book in the series introduces your child to a change in their daily life which they may experience as a toddler – and may push back against because it’s unfamiliar and therefore potentially frightening.

The series covers many things including potty training, moving to a big girl/boy bed, going to nursery and becoming a big brother/sister.

This particular book is about manners and it has really encouraged Ivy to say please and thank you more often. 

The story shows Pirate Pete and Princess Polly at nursery. They discover how saying please when they want something to happen (and saying thank you when it does) makes their day run a whole lot easier,  makes others respond to them in a positive way and makes them feel good about themselves too.

They say please when they ask for a biscuit. They say thank you when a little girl moves out of the way so they can get on the slide. They feel good when they retrieve a crayon for a little boy and he says thank you to them brightly.

They also learn to wash their hands before they eat, keep their mouths closed whilst they are chewing and put their hands over their mouths when they cough.

The book also has a little interactive button for your child to press when they spot the good manners being displayed in the book. It gives a very cute little cheer!

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