The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson & Sara Ogilvie

The Detective DogThe Detective Dog seems to be one of Julia Donaldson‘s lesser known books but we think it’s fantastic and deserves a lot more attention. If you haven’t read this one yet then definitely keep an eye out for it!

The story is about a dog called Nell who is very good at finding things. She lives with a little boy called Peter who loses his toys all the time so she uses her exceptional nose to sniff them out and return them to him.

Every Monday Peter takes Nell to school with him and it’s her favourite day of the week. She loves all of the different smells and she is particularly fond of the books which the children read to her. However one Monday, when they get to the school, Nell realises she cannot smell the books. She and Peter rush in to the classroom to find all of the children and the teacher in tears. Someone has stolen all of the books. Every last one of them!

Can Detective Dog Nell use her wondrous nose to sniff out the culprit so that the books can be returned?

This book has a lovely bouncy rhythm which makes it perfect for reading aloud and the detailed illustrations are great fun to explore.

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