The Giggly Guide of How to Behave By Philippe Jalbert

The Giggle Guide of How To BehaveAs we move through the Terrible Twos and get ever closer to Ivy becoming a Threenager I am definitely finding myself drawn to books which encourage good behaviour. This bright and colourful book is the best one I have come across so far.

The simple format makes this a really easy book to read with kids and you can either work from start to finish or just dip in and out. Each double page spread presents you with a ‘rule’ for good behaviour and an accompanying picture. The illustrations are ace – they make Ivy laugh and they hammer home the points made using a variety of cute and quirky characters. The tortoise is our personal favourite!

It’s a chunky book which covers lots of different behaviours, from serious ones (about crossing the road, not playing with matches and keeping your seat belt on) to matters of etiquette (like not speaking with your mouth full, saying please and thank you and asking for permission before you borrow something).  There are also some gross ones mixed in which are guaranteed to cause a giggle – like not peeing in the pool, picking your nose or wiping your hands on the curtains.

This is a great book for starting a conversation about rules or reinforcing what your child already knows. It’s very light-hearted but ultimately some of the advice in there could save little lives!

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