The Watermelon Seed By Greg Pizzoli

The Watermelon SeedThe little baby crocodile in this story LOVES watermelon. He eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and simply can’t get enough of its yummy taste – until one day he swallows a seed.

He starts to panic. What will happen to him now? Will a watermelon grow in his tummy? Will he turn pink? Will vines start to grow out of his ears? But then his tummy starts to grumble and he lets out a massive burp which releases the seed. Relieved, he vows never to eat watermelon again. But is is just too delicious to resist?

We love this simple story which addresses a common fear amongst small children. The illustrations (in a watermelon-esque palette of greens and pinks) are fantastic and really emphasise the crocodile’s many wonderful facial expressions as he goes through the cycle of panic and then relief.

Ivy’s favourite part is of course the giant burp, which she loves to join in with and exaggerate!

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