The Grumpy Hamster By Sophie Johnson-Hill

The Grumpy HamsterThe hamster in this book is not a happy chap. In fact, he’s very grumpy INDEED! But why? Perhaps it’s because his mummy is very cross. But why is she cross? Maybe it’s because her teacher was mean to her. But why was the teacher mean? Well her manager was always moaning so maybe that has something to do with it…

The story shows how bad moods and the grumps can spread from person to person – but how can you make this cycle of grouchiness stop? The little hamster doesn’t know the answer, but one day he meets a wise old pigeon who lets him in to a little secret. You don’t have to hold on to all the grumps! You can take that energy and turn it in to something good.

Can the hamster overcome his grumpiness and learn how to be happy?

We LOVE this intriguing little book. It teaches a very important lesson about managing emotions but the tone is pitched perfectly at little people. We do lots of funny, grumpy voices when we’re reading it and Ivy loves to do a big ‘yaaaaaaaaargh’ as the hamster releases all his anger.

The quirky illustrations are adorable and they add lots of depth to the story. I like how the grumpiness is depicted as lots of angry, squiggly lines on the page, and you can see these decrease in number as he starts to embrace his positivity.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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