Gently, Bentley! By Caragh Buxton

Gently BentleyBentley is a cute little rhino with an exuberant personality. He throws himself in to situations with gusto – but unfortunately this often gets him in to trouble as he has no concept of his own size or strength. Something that will be very familiar to parents/carers of toddlers!

At breakfast he accidentally smashes his boiled eggs. He cracks the ceiling getting ready to leave the house for school and causes mayhem playing tag at playtime. He doesn’t mean to be so rambunctious – he just is!

‘Gently Bentley!’ is repeated frequently throughout the book as his parents and teachers try to stop him from breaking everything in sight. But then one day he goes home and there is a tiny new baby, fast asleep in her crib. His mum and dad hold their breath as he approaches. Surely he’s going to wake her up – or is he?

We love the illustrations in this one. The rhino has lots of cheeky little expressions and Ivy finds the pictures of impending disaster really funny. She yells ‘Gently Bentley’ on every page – and ‘Gently Ivy’ is now a very familiar refrain in our house!

It’s perfect for helping rowdy little ones learn that rushing around without minding others can have consequences. I’d also recommend it for small children who are soon to become a big brother or a big sister as it shows how you need to be gentle and loving around babies.

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