Zara DogDog On The School Run by Anna Crichton & Siobhan Barlow

Zara DogDogThis lovely book is the first in a series called ‘The Zara DogDog Club’ which is designed to teach children how to behave around dogs.

Children of this age are very focused on themselves and the things which make them happy but the story is told from the perspective of the dog which helps kids see how their own actions might make a dog feel.

The story starts with Zara DogDog being awoken by an alarm clock. It’s time for Amelia and Isaac, her owners, to get ready for school. Excited at the prospect of a big walk, she paces around waiting for them and then heads excitedly out of the door. She really enjoys the walk with all the sights, sounds and smells but when she gets to the school she becomes scared. Lots of loud children run towards her and try to touch her and she doesn’t know if they are friendly. Frightened, she lets out a growl.

The book then walks you through all of the things a dog might do to show you it’s scared and doesn’t want you to come close. It also lays down some friendly ground rules on how you should behave around a dog you don’t know.

Once the children at the playground understand Zara DogDog’s worries they treat her with respect and everyone is happy!

The simple text and lovely illustrations make this really accessible for little ones (it’s pitched at children aged 3-6) and it’s a great resource to help keep kids safe around dogs. It’s a useful tool both for parents of tiny dog-lovers and those who are a little bit more nervous in their presence.

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Disclosure: The author provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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