Find Colours by Tamara Shopsin & Jason Fulford

Find ColoursIf you’re trying to teach your child about colours then the last thing you need is a black and white book, right? WRONG! This genius little board book, which was published in association with the Whitney Museum of American Art, is the best colour book we have encountered so far.

Made up entirely of black and white pages, the book features clever cut outs which encourage kids to think differently. The first instruction is ‘Find Yellow’, accompanied by a cut out of a sun. You then need to find something yellow to either hold the book up to or place under the page to make the sun shine. This continues throughout the book, where you need to make a red cockerel, a green leaf, a blue cup, some purple grapes, a grey elephant, an orange, black sunglasses, pink worms, brown paw prints, a white moon and a multi-coloured rainbow.

When we first bought this book Ivy picked it up, flicked through the pages and looked utterly confused. But then I slid a yellow duster underneath the picture of the sun and she laughed out loud and instantly understood. Cue much shrieking and giggling as she raced around the house trying to find objects in the right colours.

Some of the cut outs are obvious, some less so, which added an extra dimension to the game because she couldn’t work out what it was until the colour was in place. We’ve also had fun placing colours in the wrong places to see what they’d look like. Ivy wasn’t a fan of blue oranges but pink elephants got a big thumbs up!

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