One Button Benny by Alan Windram & Chloe Holwill-Hunter

Benny the robot is a little bit different. All of his robot friends have lots of shiny buttons which do fun things, like flash lights, blow bubbles and play music. But poor Benny only has one button. It’s bright red and says ‘Only Press In An Emergency’.

The other robots make fun of him and call him ‘One Button Benny’ and this makes him sad. He doesn’t really know what an emergency is but he secretly hopes one will happen so that he gets to press his button and find out what it does.

One morning Benny wakes up, eats his breakfast and brushes his teeth, unaware that outside his house an actual emergency is unfolding. The evil Collectors have landed on his planet and they are planning to gather up all of the robots, crunch them up and turn them in to teapots! The Collectors are small hairy aliens with green bums and they mean business!

When Benny and his mum discover what is happening they realise the time has come. This is a bona fide emergency which means Benny can press his big red button.  But what will happen when he does?

This is a fantastically fun book which celebrates the fact that our differences are what makes us special. There’s a real sense of adventure with a lovely splash of dry humour. Ivy finds the fact that the aliens want to turn the robots in to teapots really funny because it makes no sense at all! “Teapots? TEAPOTS?? Why Teapots Mummy? That’s craaaaaaaaaaaazy.”

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