Mix Up Muddle Bird by Laura Sydonie & Beverley Wilson

Mix Up Muddle BirdThe Mix Up Muddle Bird is a solitary creature who lives in a nest at the top of a very tall tree. She doesn’t come down because she is scared that the other animals will make fun of her unusual appearance. You see, the Mix Up Muddle Bird is a mix of lots of different jungle animals. She has the head of a crocodile, the body of a tiger, feet like a monkey and the long colourful wings of a parrot! Her only friend is Boris the Bee who lives in a nearby tree.

One day Boris overhears the jungle animals having a disagreement over who should be the ruler of the jungle. The crocodile thinks he should be king because of his snappy teeth. The tiger thinks he should be the boss because of his fantastic pounce. The monkey thinks his climbing ability should make him the ruler. And then the parrot swoops down and says she should get the job because of her beautiful wings. The problem is that no one can agree!

Boris buzzes forward and points out that there is one animal in the jungle who has all of these impressive qualities – the Mix Up Muddle Bird! But can the animals convince her to come down from her tree and take her rightful place as ruler of the jungle?

Published by Theatre Tots, this clever book is perfect for reading aloud. Little listeners are encouraged to stand up and take part in the action throughout the story and Ivy loves playing along (particularly when she has to pounce like a tiger!).

Buy it now: http://www.theatretots.com/product/the-mix-up-muddle-bird/

Disclosure: The author provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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