The Fruit That Loves Itself by Frank Chidwick & Jefton Sungkar

Remi the rambutan is feeling sad. All the other fruit at the market is being quickly snapped up by customers, but when people see his spiky exterior they just stare and point. He begins to wonder if there is something wrong with him. Maybe he just tastes really bad and that’s why no one wants to choose him!

The little fruit feels utterly dejected, but a chance encounter with a cactus sets him on a different path. The wise succulent explains to Remi that what other people say or do isn’t important. He just needs to stop comparing himself to others, focus on his own special magic and learn to love himself.

The rambutan discovers that all the fruits at the market have self doubt, but they have learned to accept themselves for who they are.

Remi may have a spiky exterior but he is really sweet on the inside and all his fruity friends think he’s awesome. Can he put his fear behind him and learn how to be his own best friend?

We love this brightly coloured book about friendship, acceptance and self-love. The rhyme works well and the vibrant illustrations really draw you in. Remi himself is adorable and we have learned a lot about rambutans, which I must confess neither of us had heard of before!

Buy it now: (ships from Australia)

Disclosure: The author provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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