Like The Ocean We Rise
by Nicola Edwards & Sarah Wilkins

This mesemerising, rhyming picture book examines the devastating effect that climate change is having on our planet and asks childen to consider how they might be able to play their part in preserving our future.

In the Arctic, ice is melting. In Queensland, the coral reefs are being bleached white. In the rainforest, trees are being chopped down. In Uganda, the earth is parched from lack of rain. But what can we do? We are so small so how can one person’s actions possibly change the world?

The answer is to rise like the ocean. Each of us is just a raindrop but even raindrops cause a ripple when they land. With enough momentum, ripples can grow in to waves and waves can create real, lasting change.

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A Rule Is To Break By John Seven & Jana Christy

A Rule Is To BreakWe love this little guide to anarchy which encourages your child to test their boundaries and not to follow the status quo.

It shows how it’s healthy to question authority and to ask why when someone asks you to do something. It suggests getting muddy and messy to build things and grow things and to figure out how things work. It tells you that you should always think for yourself.

The core message is that a little anarchy is a good thing. It doesn’t encourage your child to be naughty – although it does suggest they make a lot of noise and try staying awake all night to see how it feels! – it just highlights that life is better when you try new things, embrace change, listen to others thoughts and walk your own path.

The cheeky illustrations are perfect for the subject matter and always make Ivy giggle – there’s a bare bottom on one of the pages which cracks her up every time!

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2JQxn3D