Jory John

The Good Egg by Jory John & Pete Oswald

The Good Egg is the kind of person everyone likes to have around. He rescues cats from danger, he offers to carry your groceries, change a tire for you, water your plants when you’re on holiday and even help you paint your house. He’s the kind of friend who you know will always be there in your time of need.

The problem is, being so good all the time can really take it’s toll. The other eleven eggs in his carton aren’t very well behaved so it always falls to the Good Egg to keep the peace and be, well, good.

The poor little guy ends up exhausted and small cracks begin to appear in his shell. He realises that putting all of this pressure on himself to be good is literally causing him to crack up.

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Penguin Problems By Jory John & Lane Smith

Penguin ProblemsThis little penguin has big problems.

He’s cold. It’s too early. It’s too bright. The sea is too salty. He looks silly when he waddles. He can’t fly. He looks the same as everyone else. No one cares about his problems.

Yup – this penguin is your toddler!

When his complaining gets too much, a wise old walrus steps in and tries to put his problems in to perspective and encourages him to marvel at the wonderful world around him.

Can the little penguin look outside of himself and see that things really aren’t that bad for him after all?

We love the illustrations in this one and Ivy adores the ‘pingwings’.

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