First Day Critter Jitters
by Jory John & Liz Climo

It’s the night before the first day of school and all of the animals are feeling a bit nervous.

Sloth is worried that he’s going to be late. Snake can’t get his backpack to stay on. Mouse is scared that he’s too little for big school. Kangaroo is feeling anxious about being away from his mum. Parrot is feeling skittish because he talks too much. Mole thinks his sight might let him down. Bear thinks he should probably just sleep instead and Rabbit has too much energy and is concerned she won’t be able to sit still.

Each of their worries is different but each one is valid – after all, they are about to start a whole new chapter in their lives.

When they finally arrive in the classroom they are all feeling tense, so they’re shocked to discover that their teacher – an armadillo –  is actually nervous too! As he lists out the reasons he’s feeling worried, each of the animals realises that they have something to offer the class and that perhaps what they think are their weaknesses are in fact their strengths.

Can they all work together to get through their first day of school?

We love this warm and funny book which zooms in on specific worries which your child might have about starting school. It shows kids that feeling anxious is completely normal and that they won’t be the only ones with butterflies in their tummy on that first day.

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