Beautiful OOPS! By Barney Saltzberg

Beautiful OOPS!This creative little book is a fantastic tool for teaching children that it’s healthy to make mistakes.

Every page features a spill or a smudge or a tear which could be deemed a disaster to a small child – but the clever illustrations and the excellent paper craftsmanship shows that each little mistake is in fact an opportunity.

A torn page becomes the mouth of a crocodile. Some spilled paint becomes a pile of puppies, some ducks and then an elephant. A bent page becomes a penguin’s beak and a scrunched up piece of paper becomes a lovely sheep.

Ivy enjoys saying ‘OOPS!’ at the turn of each page and is always excited to see what the oops will become. Her favourite is the dog’s head created from a torn scrap of paper.

It’s perfect for helping a child deal with perfectionist tendencies and it’s an endless source of fascination for curious toddlers!

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