This Zoo Is Not For You
by Ross Collins

This Zoo Is Not For YouWhen Platypus arrives at the zoo on interview day the other animals assume that he’s there to apply for a spot at their establishment. Clutching an envelope and wearing a baseball cap and old woolly scarf, Platypus doesn’t seem to be quite what they’re looking for.

As he moves through each stage of the interview the different animals each take one look at him and decide that he’s definitely not up to the job. The panda doesn’t think he’s special enough, the flamingos think he’s ugly, the monkeys don’t think he is smart enough – and he doesn’t even get the chance to open his mouth and speak!

Annoyed, the platypus drops the envelope he was carrying and walks out of the zoo. When they open it they realise that he wasn’t applying for a job at all and their judgemental and rude behaviour will mean they miss out on some fun. Will they be able to convince Platypus to forgive them?

We love this book by Ross Collins for so many reasons – the rhyme is fantastic, the illustrations are gorgeous and we get the opportunity to do lots of amazing haughty voices for the pompous zoo animals!

Mostly though we love the strong message that this sends to kids. The bottom line is that if you judge someone before you get the chance to get to know them – whether it’s based on their appearance, your preconceptions or what you’ve heard from others – you are going to miss out!

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