The Colour Monster
by Anna Llenas

The Colour MonsterThis simple but effective book is designed to help your toddler understand and talk about their emotions.

At the start we are introduced to a character called the Colour Monster who has just woken up feeling very confused. His body is a mass of different coloured squiggly lines which represent his emotions. His friend explains to him that he feels all mixed up because his colours are all mixed up. She takes hold of his hand and offers to help.

To sort out his colours she suggests popping each one a jar and then examining it further. As the little jars fill up we learn that yellow is happiness, blue is sadness, red is anger, black is fear and green is calm. The girl explains how each one feels inside you and the illustrations do a wonderful job of evoking the sensations and showing the associated facial expressions.

Once the jars are all full the monster feels much better and he starts to turn pink – the colour of love <3

Equating emotions with colour is a great way of introducing this topic to a small child. Most won’t have the vocabulary to explain how anger feels to them, for example, but will be able to show you that they feel ‘red’ after reading this book.

It also reinforces the fact that big emotions are normal, everyone has them and that sharing how you feel will ultimately help you to feel better.

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