by Libby Walden & Richard Jones

FeelingsYou’ve probably noticed that we’re partial to books which encourage emotional development and this is the most recent addition to that particular shelf in our house.

The gentle rhyme explores all of the emotions which your child may be experiencing and helps you to name them and understand how they feel inside. Anger is described as a fiery pit of bubbling magma, embarrassment is a burning red face under a bright spotlight, calm is a gently rocking boat on a smooth ocean and sadness is a river bursting its banks and covering everything in sight.

The book covers a wide range of feelings including courage, sadness, anger, happiness, jealousy, loneliness, embarrassment, excitement, fear and calmness.

The slightly abstract illustrations do a fantastic job of evoking the emotions in question and I love the way the cut out section which runs through the middle (showing the same child in the same stance for every emotion)  highlights the fact that you can’t always see what someone is feeling from the outside.

The book explains how your emotions help make you who you are and should therefore be embraced rather than hidden away. It also encourages you to think how others may be feeling inside and to treat them accordingly.

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