Lucy’s Blue Day
by Chris Duke & Federica Bartolini

Meet Lucy Pear, a little girl with truly amazing hair. Her long flowing locks have a special ability – they change colour according to her mood!

Most of the time her hair is a bright shiny blonde to reflect her sunny nature but occasionally the shade is a little more exotic. When she gets mad her hair turns red, when she’s jealous it’s green and excitement turns it purple!

However, one day Lucy wakes up with a head of blue hair and a heavy feeling in her heart which she just can’t shake. The feeling is new to her and she doesn’t have the words to tell the people around her how she feels. She’s not even sure why she’s sad. She just…is.

Her friends think her hair looks cool and they just don’t understand why she isn’t her happy self. But then she spots a little boy in the cafeteria sporting blue hair and a smile. How could this be?

The wise little boy explains that we all have blue days sometimes, even parents and teachers. Lucy learns that although she might have blue hair today, it doesn’t mean that her sunny blonde hair won’t be back tomorrow, and it’s ok not to be ok.

This is a really lovely book with a strong but simple message. The changing hair colour is a really easy concept for toddlers to grasp and it teaches that your emotions change all the time and that’s totally normal. We also see how talking to others about how she feels helps Lucy overcome her sadness, even though she finds it difficult at first.

At the back of the book there are 5 great activity pages which encourage children to think about what triggers different emotions for them and what steps might help them cope in each situation.

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