Claude: Anyone For Strawberries? by Alex T. Smith

We’ve recently discovered the joys of Claude and his trusty side kick Sir Bobblysock via the TV Series on Disney Junior so we were very excited to receive this book in the post. Based on one of the episodes, this sporty story follows the two friends as they hunt down their favourite fruit!

When Sir Bobblysock wakes up early one morning with a craving for strawberries, he and Claude head out to their local fruit and veg van to buy some. However when they get there they discover that the entire strawberry supply has been bought up by the Pawhaven Tennis Championship. Oh no!

They rush to the park just in time to catch an errant tennis ball and discover that the championship doesn’t have an official ball boy. Claude steps in to help whilst Sir Bobblysock stands in line for for strawberries, but by the time he gets to the front of the queue there are none left.

A twist of fate, involving a movie star and some badly styled hair, means that Claude is required to step in and play in the Championship Final. And the prize? A giant trophy filled with strawberries! Can he win the game and deliver the yummy berries to his best friend?

Ivy really enjoyed this fun story (and the companion sticker book which is also available). She finds the concept of a talking sock really funny and she now wants us to buy some stripy ones so she can wear Sir Bobblysock on her feet!

Tennis isn’t something which she has encountered before so it sparked a conversation about that and it ties in nicely to Wimbledon, which starts in a few weeks.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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