Mini Rabbit Not Lost by John Bond

Cooking with kids is always a slightly crazy experience – but what happens when halfway through you realise you’re missing a key ingredient? This is what happens to poor Mother Rabbit when she discovers that she has no berries left for her cake. Ever helpful, Mini Rabbit ignores the berries on the bush outside their house and sets off an adventure to find some.

He travels far and wide in search of the fruit – crossing oceans, scaling mountains and going deep in to dark, dark caves. Mini Rabbit meets lots of strangers along they way and they each express concern that he might be lost, but each time he says no and continues on his way.

Mini Rabbit is most definitely not lost. Nope, not he. He absolutely knows where he’s going. Or does he? Suddenly he realises that he’s far from home and isn’t quite sure how to get back. But then his little nose picks up a rather delicious scent…

Ivy and I both love this book. Mini Rabbit’s single-mindedness and stubborn determination makes us laugh and there’s also a real sense of adventure with a mild hint of peril. The illustrations are wonderful and it didn’t take Ivy long to spot that there are actually lots of berries hidden on the pages which Mini Rabbit doesn’t seem to notice!

This is a really fun read, but it also gives parents the opportunity to open up a more serious conversation about listening to your parents and not running off on your own.

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