The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom
by Steve Smallman & Nick Schon

Have you ever wondered why some animals have really distinctive markings? Steve Smallman and Nick Schon think it might have something to do with a rather mischievous monkey…

Once upon a time all of the animals on land were a dull shade of beige, but the birds in the sky were bright and colourful. Monkey is a little bit jealous of their splendour so when he finds a paintbox he decides to have some fun. He waits until his friends are sleeping and then paints elaborate designs on their bodies.

He starts small, with some stripy snakes and bright green frogs, but soon he’s painting black stripes on zebras and big brown squares on giraffes. When he spots a big sleepy bear he decides to have some fun and draw some spectacles on him, but the Bear wakes with a start and soon all of the other animals are wide awake too.

They know that they need to teach the cheeky monkey a lesson – but what part of his body do you think they will paint?

Ivy loves this zany rhyming story and it never fails to make her laugh. The fast-paced rhyme scheme make it a joy to read aloud and the brightly coloured illustrations are fantastic fun.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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