The Bedtime Book
by S Marendaz & Carly Gledhill

This lovely book about friendship is the perfect snuggly bedtime read!

Mouse has lost her favourite bedtime book and is feeling very sad. She enlists the help of her friend Frank the sausage dog and the two head out in to the night to try and track it down.

Frank’s clever nose sniffs out a trail and soon they have their first clue. The book was found by Bella the cat, who popped it near the flowerbeds so that it could be easily found by its owner. Excited, they head to the correct spot only to discover that Owl has already moved it and given it to Baby Hedgehog as a gift!

Poor Mouse. She knows how wonderful the book is and senses that Baby Hedgehog will love it. She can’t possibly go and ask for it back without making Baby Hedgehog sad so instead she heads home and tries to sleep.

Moved by Mouse’s kindness, Frank decides to share his own favourite bedtime book with her. But when he starts to read, Mouse realises the story sounds very familar. Is it possible that they have the same favourite book?

This is a wonderfully warm story about kindness, sharing and looking after your friends. We love the modern style of the illustrations and the characters are adorable.

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Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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