Along Came A Fox
by Georgiana Deutsch & Call Johnson-Isaacs

It’s the perfect night for finding fireflies so Bramble the fox heads out on a little adventure to find some – but where are they hiding?

She joins forces with her friends, Hazel the hedgehog and Twig the owl, who suggest that she look near the lake. Bramble bounds off in to the darkness because foxes never get scared, but when she peers in to the deep pool she lets out an almighty ‘EEEEEK!’ and falls on her bottom. There is another fox in the water staring straight back out at her! Bramble is embarrassed. How dare this nasty fox catch her unawares and make her fall over! Soon she finds herself yelling at the water, telling the fox that he is very rude indeed – but the audacious creature keeps on echoing her replies.

Feeling very angry, Bramble runs back to her friends. They listen very carefully to her story but Twig’s response is unexpected. Instead of agreeing that this new fox is indeed a very rude animal, the wise old owl wonders aloud what might have made him so angry in the first place. What was he reacting to? Why was he upset?

Together they trace Bramble’s steps back to the lake, but what kind of fox will they find when they get there?

This beautifully illustrated story is a great tool for talking to children about emotions and the effect our mindset can have on those around us. When we react in a negative way then we are more likely to encounter negativity, but when we choose to open our hearts and show kindness the world can seem like a more positive place. Fox sees firsthand the difference that a smile can make – and she makes a few new friends along the way!

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