Is My Mom Like Other Moms?
by Humera Malik

This super sweet story follows a little girl as she starts to notice the differences and similarities between her mum and the mums of other children in her class. She wonders – does the fact that her mum wears a hijab make her different?

Her friend Sarah’s mum has curly hair in a bun and she is lots of fun. The little girl’s mum is lots of fun too. She was wearing her red scarf when they played hopscotch and they laughed so much they were nearly late for school!

Laura’s mum has blonde hair and she takes Laura shopping at the weekend. The little girl’s mum takes her shopping too. She was weraing her blue scarf the last time they went to buy fruit and vegetables.

The story continues in this way with the child carefully observing other mums. She notices that outwardly their appearances are all different but that the activities they do with their children are all similar. They all laugh. They all shop. They all visit the library and read books together. Are they really all that different after all?

The girl soon realises that her mum is perfect just the way she is.

This is a really beautiful book and it feels like a great time to share it with you. As children start school and nursery they will inevitably find themselves spending lots of time with kids from different backgrounds and cultures. This story helps them embrace difference and see that we are all unique but we are all human and we are all loved.

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Disclosure: The author provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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