Big Words For Little Geniuses
by Susan and James Patterson & Hsinping Pan

If you are in need of a little pick-me-up then i’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy of this wonderful word book. There is officially nothing cuter (or more hilarious) than listening to Ivy attempting to say words like catawampus, dulcifluous, onomatopoeia and rapscallion!

The colourful pages take us on a journey from A-Z as we learn some exciting new words which have lots of syllables. Each word comes with a short explanation and a phonetic breakdown so that grown ups can be sure that they’re passing on the correct information when they read. Some of the words were new to me and really quite tough so I definitely appreciated this. I take my hat off to you if arachibutyrophobia rolls easily off your tongue or if you can tell me what idioglossia means without googling it!

Whilst some of the words have obviously been included because they are great tongue twisters, the book also has many which are well within a child’s grasp  – like flibbertigibbet, kerfuffle, nincompoop and whirligig.

Ivy has a pretty good vocabulary for an almost-five-year-old but since we bought this one she’s definitely taken more of an interest in ‘big’ words. If she sees or hears one that is new to her she will now immediately ask me what it means and I can see her storing the information away for future use.

Don’t be put off by the word ‘genius’ in the title – this one is great fun for ALL children! Age-wise I’d say its it’s probably best suited to 4+.

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