Kaiholo The Whale
by George Hudson & Laura Hyde

We all need a little bit of calm in our lives right now so I wanted to highlight this gorgeous immersive story which we received towards the end of last year.

Inspired by hypnobirthing, ‘Kaiholo the Whale’ combines words, watercolour illustrations and music to great effect. You scan the QR code on the first page with your phone or tablet to access the music and then read the story whilst it plays in the background. It’s a simple concept but it’s very effective.

The gentle rhyme tells the story of a family of whales as they explore the ocean and sing their songs together. They are a tight, loving family unit and baby Kaiholo worries about what would happen if they were ever separated. His mother explains that they will always be there to protect him, but if they find themselves apart he must look for the light of the stars in the night sky and listen for their voices. The strength of their love will always bring them back together.

This theory is tested by the arrival of a fishing boat and humans with nets. As the family find themselves divided, Kaiholo must heed his mother’s wishes and follow the stars to find his destiny.

This book is truly beautiful and it had a very soporific effect on Ivy the first time we read it! The music is extremely soothing and the pictures are awash with calming shades of blue. She snuggled under my arm and was super sleepy by the time we were done. A great win for bedtime!

The lovely folk at Musical Tales have given us a special discount so if you would like to purchase a copy you can get 15% off the retail price by using coupon code IVYSLIBRARY at checkout:

Buy it now: http://www.Etsy.com/shop/musicaltalesuk

Disclosure: The publisher provided us with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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