The Day Mom Joined The Circus
by Sue Downing

Does your home feel like a circus right now? I dedicate this review to everyone out there trying to parent through the pandemic!

In this colourful story, the children wake up to discover a note from their Mum pinned to the fridge. It says that she needs some alone time so she’s decided to join the circus. She invites them to take on her share of the chores whilst she’s away.

The beautiful spreads which follow perfectly illustrate the ‘Mum juggle’ with which we are all so familiar. On the left hand page we see the children doing a household chore and on the right hand page we see how that chore has helped make Mum a fantastic circus performer.

As the kids do the dishes, their mum spins plates. As they attempt to tidy their toys, their mum squeezes an impossible number of clowns into a tiny car. As they battle with crisp white sheets, their mum swings between aerial silks strung across the the Circus Top.

When Mum returns home there is a round of applause – but have the children learned to appreciate everything which she does for them?

I love the subtle humour in this one and the fact it works on two levels. It’s a really fun story for kids but also, as a parent, it made me feel seen!

The illustrations deserve a special mention as they are STUNNING! The quirky style and vibrant colours make the book really special.

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