Can I Sit With You?
by Sarah Jacoby

This heartwarming and stunningly illustrated book will tug on the heart strings of anyone who has ever had a beloved pet. Reading it brought back lots of happy memories of the cocker spaniel we had when I was a child. Pugsley (yes – I know! My brother and I were fans of The Addams Family at the time!) was incredibly naughty but gave the best snuggles.

At the start of this story we see a small stray dog brandishing a stick. He is looking for someone to play with him so he approaches a lonely little girl. What follows is a beautiful love story which lasts for many years.

On every page the little dog shows us the many different ways in which he will be a comfort to the girl. He will sit with her when she is lonely. He will sit with her when she is sad. He will celebrate with her when she is happy. He will be by her side as she makes new friends. He will understand her need to explore the world and will always be waiting for her when she returns. Whatever she is going through, he will be there for her.

As we move through the pages we see time move forward slowly. The seasons change and the girl and the dog grow older together. By the final pages she is a young woman and his fur has begun to turn grey, but still they are the very best friends.

Ivy and I both really enjoyed this one. She loved seeing all of the pup’s cheeky exploits and exploring the detail in the playful watercolour and pastel illustrations. For me it was a bit more emotional though. Every time we finish the last page I find myself thinking of how the girl will feel when the dog is no longer by her side.

This is a joyful celebration of the friendship, love and small kindnesses we share with our pets. It’s perfect for children who love animals or who have a dog themselves. Grown ups might just need to have tissues to hand if they had a childhood pet themselves!

This book publishes in the UK on March 18th 2021 but is available to pre-order now.

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