The Hugasaurus
by Rachel Bright & Chris Chatterton

Have you read The Hugasaurus yet? It’s the latest story in the ‘DinoFeelings’ series from Rachel Bright and Chris Chatterton and we love it! Whereas book one – The Worrysaurus – focused on anxiety and worries, this one is all about the importance of kindness.

Little Hugasaurus is a very happy dinosaur. She’s off on her very first adventure away from home and she’s looking forward to having fun and making new friends. When she arrives at her destination she is greeted by a group of friendly dinos and after some short introductions they quickly get down to the serious business of playing and laughing. They skip and climb in the sunshine but eventually the inevitable happens…

Two of the dinosaurs start to squabble in the middle of a game of hide and seek and soon everyone is yelling and shouting. Insults are thrown, feet are stomped and backs are turned. Poor little Hugasaurus doesn’t know what to do. How can she stop all the unnecessary fighting and get everyone playing harmoniously again?

Rachel Bright is one of our all-time favourite children’s authors so Ivy and I were both really excited to read this one. We were counting down the days until it arrived and then had some extra drama when the parcel was left outside in a downpour. The pages were all stuck together so we had to dry it out on the radiator before we could read it properly! Anticipation levels were high but it was definitely worth the wait. The tight rhyme is perfect for reading aloud, the story is really engaging and the illustrations are adorable. Eagle-eyed Ivy also spotted the fact that her beloved Worrysaurus makes an appearance which is a really nice touch.

This is a fantastic book for opening up conversations about feelings, especially if your child is currently navigating the ups and downs of friendship in a childcare or school setting. It encourages kids to always be kind to others and gently offers alternatives to shouting and stomping when things don’t quite go your way.

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