My First Book of the Cosmos
by Sheddad Kaid-Salah Ferrón & Eduard Altarriba

Since reading City Moon by Rachael Cole we’ve taken a few evening walks around our neighbourhood. Ivy really enjoys spotting the moon and the stars and it’s prompted lots of questions about Space. This isn’t my specialist subject at all so I’ve been turning to our copy of ‘My First Book of the Cosmos’ for help!

Aimed at children aged 8+, this fascinating book introduces kids to a complex subject in a really fun way. It breaks down a wide range of topics in to manageable chunks and does a great job of explaining it all in a way which is easy to understand (even for me!).

There are pages on gravity, galaxies, the big bang, stars, planets, black holes, wormholes and the possibility of other life forms. The layout is engaging, with brightly coloured illustrations, simple graphs and accessible examples.

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by Hannah Pang & Clover Robin

“Wow! Wow Mummy, wow!” – and that’s pretty much all Ivy said the first time we flicked through this stunning book together! I have to admit she’s right. It’s an absolute joy to behold and is jam-packed with amazing facts about nature.

This non-fiction book takes you on a mesmerising journey around the world as we learn the effects the seasons have on different environments.

First up is the European Oak Tree which should be very familiar to your child if you live in the UK. The clever laser cut pages show us the tree at different stages throughout the year and the text introduce us to the variety of tiny creatures which call it their home.

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