The Steves By Morag Hood

The StevesThis isn’t the book I was planning to review today. We only bought this one yesterday and I usually like to have a book in the house for a few weeks before I write about it so that I can get a proper feel for it. This story is a little bit different though. It’s captured Ivy’s imagination to such an extent that I felt the need to share it with you straight away!

At the start of the story you meet a puffin who introduces himself as Steve – but on the very next page we meet another puffin, who is also called Steve! The two puffins are not happy about this development. They each want to be Steve and they don’t want to share the title.

What follows is a madcap competition to prove which one is the most Steve – the very Stevest of Steves there can be. They compare birthdays, heights, speed and fishing abilities and when none of these provide the right outcome they start trading insults instead.

Can they overcome their desperate need to be the only (and best) Steve and learn to share the name and be friends?

Ivy LOVE, LOVE, LOVES this book and we’ve read it countless times in the last 24 hours. The bright pages, the irreverent text and the perfectly pitched illustrations of the puffins all combine to make this one a total winner. Our household has descended in to Steve Mania as Ivy runs around the house yelling ‘I’m Steve!’ and ‘Sorry Steve!’ at every opportunity and then dissolving in to fits of laughter.

I cannot recommend this highly enough – both for toddlers with a quirky sense of humour and anyone you might know called Steve!

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