The Princess And The Pony By Kate Beaton

The Princess And The PonyThis book has caused a lot of laughs in our house since we first bought it, mainly because it features a farting pony and what toddler wouldn’t find that funny?!

Princess Pinecone lives in a kingdom full of fierce warriors and she wants to be one to, but she has one big problem. She is tiny and adorable, which makes being a warrior a little tough!

For her birthday she requests a big, strong horse to ride in the next great battle, but her parents don’t get it quite right. They buy her a cute, round pony with flatulence issues who eats everything in sight. Dismayed, Princess Pinecone tries to train him up but the poor little pony is hopeless.

The day of the great battle arrives and Princess Pinecone would really like to be named Warrior Champion but she knows that there’s not much hope of this happening. She rides in to battle with her pony and some spitballs and suddenly she is targeted by the meanest warrior of them all.

Will she be defeated, or is it just possible that her cute little pony is the most powerful weapon she could wish for?

Look beyond the farting pony and the funny illustrations and you find a story with a fantastic message for little ones. You don’t have to be the biggest, strongest or loudest to win the day. We all have our own skills to bring to the table and sometimes the ones we least expect are the most powerful.

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