Beautiful By Stacy McAnulty & Joanne Lew Vriethoff

BeautifulI spotted someone talking about this book over on Instagram a few weeks ago and liked the look of it so much that I just had a to buy a copy. Thank you to The HSP Bookshelf for bringing it to our attention!

Little girls are constantly told that they are beautiful and of course this is true, but this comes with a lot of pressure for girls to conform to society’s idea of beauty. This empowering book takes the concept of beauty and turns it on its head.

The words give a very old-fashioned view of what it means to be beautiful – you should be well dressed, good with make up, well behaved, smiling and sweet smelling. However the wonderful illustrations tell a different story and give you a thoroughly modern and healthy take on beauty.

The girls with a perfect look are all individuals and their (often muddy) clothing ranges from tomboy to bejewelled queen. The girls in perfect make up are sporting moustaches and beards whilst playing a rowdy game of pirates. The girls who smell like flowers are digging holes and planting things in the garden, and the girls who like to look at themselves in the mirror are pulling faces at distorted versions of themselves and laughing. We see mud, sport, science experiments, camping, skateboarding, tree climbing and a whole host of other activities which are often incorrectly assumed to be things that just boys enjoy.

This fantastic representation of modern beauty features a culturally diverse group of girls and disability is also represented. It shows kids that they are all unique and that what makes them beautiful is who they are on the inside and not how they look.

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