Quick Quack Quentin By Kes Gray & Jim Field

Quick Quack QuentinQuick Quack Quentin by Kes Gray and Jim Field always gives us the giggles!

Quentin is a duck with a very unusual problem. His quack has lost an A so he can only say quck. He goes to the doctor for help but the he can only offer him a D, O, C, T, O or R and those letters don’t help him at all.

Bemused, Quentin heads to a nearby farm to see he can borrow their A – but they’re not interested in becoming a frm and the farmer doesn’t want to be a frmer. He speaks to a dog, a hen, a pig and a bull who let him try out their vowels but a quock, a queck, a quick and a quuck just don’t sound right. What is poor Quentin going to do?

Next stop is the zoo and has the same problem there – but the he meets a very unusual animal who has plenty of As to spare. can you guess what he is?

This book always makes us laugh because it gives you the opportunity to make lots of strange noises! At Ivy’s age – currently 2y 8m – she just likes the ace illustrations and funny sounds, but i’m looking forward to when she starts to recognise the letters of the alphabet and realises just how clever this little book is!

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2LZs86s

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