The Singing Mermaid By Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

The Singing MermaidOur copy of The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks looks a little the worse for wear as it’s seen a LOT of love in the 18 months we’ve owned it!

The story is about a mermaid with a beautiful voice. One day she is discovered by a circus owner called Sam Sly who convinces her to leave her lovely beach to join his circus and sing to the crowds. He promises that if she goes with him she will become rich and famous. Excited, she agrees to go despite the protestations of her friends.

She makes lots of friends at the circus but surprise surprise, Sam Sly does not turn out to be a nice character. He keeps her in a tiny fish tank and the riches he promised never materialise. Instead she feels trapped and longs to return to the sea.

One day, one of her old seagull friends hears her voice on the breeze and discovers her locked in a circus caravan. Together they hatch a plan to help the mermaid escape. But will they be able to outsmart Sam Sly?

Ivy loves the illustrations in this one and we love the fact there are raised, glittery sections on every page for her to find.

The moral of the story is a great one for children to learn from an early age – don’t believe everything you hear and learn to question things which appear too good to be true.

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