When I Grow Up… By Patrick George

When I Grow Up...When I Grow Up… by Patrick George is a very visual, interactive book so it’s quite difficult to do it justice with just words!

The book encourages your child to think about what job they might like to do when they are an adult and the fab transparent pages add an extra layer of fun.

First we see a picture of a girl who wants to be a pilot. On the opposite page is an aeroplane with big shiny windows. The windows are printed on a transparent page and when you flip this over they become a pair of an aviator sunglasses on the young girl, instantly transforming her in to a pilot.

As you move through the book you see similar actions with other fun jobs – including a superhero, shopkeeper, clown, film star and a pirate. A paintbrush becomes an artist’s beret. the moon becomes an astronaut’s helmet and a tennis net becomes a sweat band. It’s genius!

Ivy loves turning the pages herself to see what will appear and it’s opened up some great conversations about what the different jobs entail. She just wants to be a My Little Pony when she grows up though. I don’t have the heart to tell her…

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2QaA9F1

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