The Giant Jumperee By Julia Donaldson & Helen Oxenbury

The Giant JumpereeYou may have noticed that we haven’t posted any reviews for the last few days and this is because Ivy and I have both been under the weather. We’ve had nasty colds which has meant we’ve spent a lot of time together, cuddled under the sofa blanket, watching Disney movies and reading books.

This lovely collaboration between Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury (who illustrated ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’) has been Ivy’s first choice all week!

The story starts with Rabbit, who is heading home for the day. When he gets to his burrow he is met with a loud voice which shouts ‘I’m the GIANT JUMPEREE and I’m scary as can be!’. Rabbit doesn’t know what this loud Jumperee creature is so he runs away. Cat offers to step in and help but when he approaches the burrow he is also shouted at by the terrifying Jumperee. Bear steps forward to help, followed by Elephant but each time they are scared away.

Then Mummy Frog steps forward. Can she get the Giant Jumperee to come out of the burrow and reveal himself?

We love this simple, repetitive story and it only took a few read-throughs for Ivy to become familiar with the format. She now anticipates each twist and turn and is bursting with excitement by the time we get to the page where the Giant Jumperee is unmasked!

It feels a little younger than Julia Donaldson’s usual style so is perfect for babies and younger toddlers (and almost 3 yr olds who have stinky colds!).

The warm and cuddly illustrations add a sense of nostalgia which makes this feel like a comfortable old classic rather than a relatively new book.

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