Little People Big Dreams: Amelia Earhart by Isabel Sánchez Vegara & Mariadiamantes

Little People Big Dreams: Amelia EarhartWe’re big fans of the Little People Big Dreams series and this one about Amelia Earhart is currently getting a lot of attention from Ivy.

The story begins with Amelia as a small child who is fascinated by the thought of flying. She dreams of flapping her wings and taking to the skies. As she gets older she visits air shows and her passion for flight grows and grows. As soon as she is able to sit in a plane she knows that this is where her destiny lies and she sets out to make it happen.

After a lot of hard work she becomes the first woman to fly up to 14,000 feet and later becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. As the story ends we see her take on the ultimate challenge – to fly right the way around the world.

This beautifully illustrated book takes a story that we are all familiar with and frames it so that it perfect for small children. Amelia’s story oozes bravery and courage and teaches kids that if you work hard you really can achieve your dreams. The ending is deliberately left a little ambiguous so you can choose whether to explain Amelia’s fate yourself or leave that until another time.

There’s a detailed timeline at the back featuring facts and photos which older children will enjoy (Note that in this portion it does explain that her plane went down).

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