Love Monster by Rachel Bright

Love MonsterCutesville is home to lots of cute and fluffy creatures, like puppies and bunnies and kittens. However it has one resident who is a tiny bit different – Monster. Monster isn’t cute or fluffy. He’s red and hairy with googly eyes and little pointy teeth.

Everyone loves cute things, but nobody seems to love him. He looks so different to everyone in Cutesville that sometimes people point and laugh. This makes Monster sad as all he wants is for someone to love him.

The sadness spurs him to take action. Instead of sitting at home moping he’s going to head out in to world and try to find a life partner. He looks everywhere but love continues to evade him! Disheartened, he decides to give up and head back to Cutesville – but when the bus finally arrives, something amazing happens…

This is a really heartwarming story which reassures children that it’s OK to be different. It also shows that even at the moments when you feel unlovable, love will find you and pick you back up.

We adore the illustrations, and Ivy and I both agree that the Monster is in fact the cutest creature in the book. We tickle his little chin, stroke the heart which he wears on his chest and cheer him on when (spoiler alert!) he finds his perfect match.

Love Monster is one of those rare gems which work on two levels. Its fab for kids but would also make a quirky valentine’s gift for a grown up!

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