Daddy Fartypants by Emer Stamp & Matt Hunt

Daddy FartypantsDaddy Fartypants has a problem – he farts ALL THE TIME! And what’s worse is that he never owns up.  Every time he does a bottom burp he blames someone else, whether that’s a tiny baby, a snail or a bear on the telly. It’s all a bit too much for his poor son who is embarrassed by both the smell and the white lies.

But then one day Daddy Fartypants gets a taste of his own medicine when his son’s new teacher, Miss Lovelybear lets out a massive paaaaaaarp and blames it on him! Daddy Fartypants is mortified, but is it enough to make him to change his ways?

A book about farting bears was always going to be a winner with toddlers, but this story really is great fun and has a lovely little message about telling the truth. We love the illustrations (particularly the long-suffering son’s facial expressions!) and our attempts at making all the farty noises always result in lots of giggling.

Amusingly, the moral has prompted Ivy to start owning up herself. Every little bodily noise she makes currently results in her yelling ‘Farty bum! That was me!’. It’s pretty cute (except when we were getting her feet measured at the local shoe shop!).

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