GoGo RoRo Finds Her Gifts by Rousan J. Davidson & Hayley Moore

GoGo RoRo is very excited about her upcoming birthday so when she overhears Abuela* Rosa and her brother Jean Bean discussing gifts, she presumes they are talking about her presents. Overwhelmed by curiosity, she asks for some clues but Abuela Rosa cryptically tells her that she will have to find her gifts herself.

GoGo RoRo and Jean Bean search everywhere for the birthday presents but they are nowhere to be found. Where on earth could their grandmother have hidden them?

When Abuela Rosa sees the mess they have made she is very disappointed and GoGo RoRo hangs her head in shame. She was just so excited about finding her gifts. But what if her gifts aren’t material goods at all? What if her grandmother simply wants her to find the gifts she was born with?

This is a really empowering story about finding your hidden talents and skills and discovering what makes you YOU. On the final page we see GoGo RoRo’s ‘gifts’ and they include wisdom, kindness, leadership and creativity. This was a great starting point for a conversation with Ivy about what she thinks her own gifts are. She gave the question a lot of thought and comes up with new ideas each time we read the book.

Buy it now: https://amzn.to/2NpOkb9

*Abuela means Grandmother in Spanish

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